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i ended up finishing this one first

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I bought my friend an elephant for their room.

They said “Thank you.”

I said “Don’t mention it.”

Is there a joke here that 15 thousand people get but I don’t?










What’s Your Book Shelfie Style?

Not pictured: BOXES

Personal significance. And then by series/author.

books are sorted by series/author, comics are sorted in a hodgepodge mixup due to shelf space. Some by height, some by company and series. The more mature-themed stuff is on a higher shelf since there’s kids about.

Brief attempt at organization by subject matter per LCSH, followed by “fuck it, where does this fit?” after the label maker broke.

Conceptual - Theory I here, Theory II here, Race here, Gender here…

Vaguely by content.

Where’s “A fucking mess”?



The American collegiate system in one gif set

(Source: sandandglass)

A mini personal rant about being a geek…


I’ve been a geek my whole life. I dressed up as Sailor Mercury and the Pink Power Ranger as a kid for Halloween. I used to run around on the school yard with Pokémon figurines, doing battles. I’ve been extremely fortunate enough to have grown up always having a videogame console, and trust me - I used to kick ass at Duck Hunt. My dad was always better at Mario though. I found solace in RPGs in my teens, when it stopped being “cool” to like cartoons and anything Japanese, and played them for hours instead of hanging out with people. I eventually learned to play the social side of the game - being kind of friends with people, at least enough to get by. Until I found people actually interested in the same things I was. It still wasn’t cool - we all got made fun of, but it didn’t matter because you had something you loved, right?

Well, fast forward to 10 years later. Still a geek. But instead of being made fun of, I get questioned if I’m really a geek. Yes, I screw up trivia or don’t know everything about the Marvel and/or DC universe. Might be because I’m actually fairly new to comics still, but whatever. No, I don’t have a PS4/X-Box/Wii, nor have I played all of these new videogames. I don’t even like Final Fantasy, if we’re really honest. Might be because my favourites are all older, and I replay the hell out of them, but no one seems to remember those anymore. No, I don’t really watch anime anymore. Might be because I’ve gotten more picky over the years on what I watch as I have a hell of a lot less time than I did before. I still rewatch what I love, and try new ones when friends suggest it. I don’t spend as much time/money on my nerd hobbies as I used to, especially not cosplaying. Does that make me less of a nerd? I don’t think it should. You know what I’m doing instead? Running events for the geek community. I am a part of how many conventions now? I’m not sure. But I have spent my time trying to help the community, instead of taking part in it, so it’s there still years from now.

So do not fucking judge me if I get something wrong. Don’t tell me that I only recently “became a nerd again” because of xyz. I have been one this whole goddamn time, and who are you to judge me? I don’t do this to get attention. I don’t do this because everyone else is. I do this because I want to give back to the community that gave me so much. When did we get to the point of judging each other? We’ve been judged all our lives, and now we feel the need to do it to each other? There is no hierarchy of geekdom here kids. So why are you breaking it down instead of building it up?  It’s not the words you say - it’s that silent look you give when I mess up. It’s excluding me from the conversation, because I can’t pull trivia out of my ass. It’s when you tell me I became a geek again at any point, as if I stopped. It’s when you tell me something I like isn’t really that geeky, because you clearly make the rules. It’s when we negatively judge what someone else has decided to wear as a costume. I’m just as guilty of that last one, but it needs to stop.

We need to go back to how it was, or how I felt it was, when I was younger - where if someone didn’t know, we would teach them. We also need to be open to learning when we don’t know. We need to go back to sharing and embracing the knowledge we have. To appreciating each other for what they know and what they’ve achieved. Because otherwise, we’re no better than the bullies who got to us as kids.  





set of nostalgia drawings by gabriel picolo. i don’t think i have enough space on my tumblr for all his works that i’d like to post.

these are incredible

cute :D



This fucking cat has been stuck on my tv for 12 hours

Can we get an update? Is this fucking cat still on your TV?